Delay Predictor


For reference, common airline codes are: United - UA, American - AA, Southwest - WN, Delta - DL, Jetblue - B6, and Alaska - AS. If you’re not certain about the airline code, click here to search for it.

What is it?

Flying for business is full of uncertainty. The Delay Predictor is a new AI technology tool out of Upside Labs to help you understand some of that uncertainty. Powered by data from the FAA, FlightAware, and Dark Sky, we give you up to the minute forecasts so you're the first to know if your flight is at risk of being delayed.

How does it work?

The Delay Predictor provides flight information up to 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your departure date.

Simply input your origin airport, destination airport, flight number (e.g., UA5678 for United Airlines flight 5678), and departure date. If your flight is in our inventory, the tool will provide you with the likelihood of your flight being delayed and even how long your delay may be.

Disclaimer: The Delay Predictor is for entertainment purposes only - it is based on statistics and algorithms which are not definitive. Check with your airline for actual delay announcements. If you booked your travel with Upside, our team of Navigators will let you know ahead of time about any delays!
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